NeoUnion ESC Organization is an international organization based in Hong Kong focusing on educational, scientific and cultural development. We work on developing, managing and supplying resources, services and projects to promote global cooperation in education, science and culture. ESC in our name stands for education, science, and culture.

NeoUnion collaborates with academic and educational institutions, and industrial sector to develop quality educational resources. We have established broad teaching faculty and schools network and quality curriculum, especially programs in education for innovation and creativity. NeoUnion’s educational programs cover K-12 curriculum and pedagogy, higher education, professional training, and public affairs and NGO management training. NeoUnion sponsors research, publication and knowledge/technology transfer in science and technology. NeoUnion is co-organizer of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology jointly with IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and among others. NeoUnion is also co-founder and co-organizer of the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C or IMMC).